Retail POS System

Business owners with multiple locations are losing much more business than they realize by not having a POS system.

Discover How a POS System Improves Business

Very few people regularly carry cash these days. Most prefer to pay for items and services with a credit or debit card. Using a credit card at the point of sale (POS) offers users a lower interest rate over a cash advance. A debit card is safer than carrying large amounts of cash and helps people keep better track of their spending.

If customers cannot use their credit or debit cards at a business, they will simply go to another retailer. The business has lost that sale opportunity and probably many more because there is less likely to be repeat business. If the customer happens to have enough case, he may make that one purchase, but will seek another business with a Retail POS System for future purchases.

Multiple Locations

Business owners with multiple locations are losing much more business than they realize by not having a POS system. One way to determine how a system will improve business is to participate in a free trial of one. There are many different systems but one innovative system, called KORONA POS, is specifically designed for multiple locations.

A Free Trial

A free trial is offered for an unlimited amount of time. That allows owners to experience improvements in profits, inventory management, accounting capabilities, and data security. The system operates in the computer cloud which means pricing per month is much lower than traditional systems that operate on the internet. It is free to set up an account and begin the free trial.

Once an account is created, the business owner schedules an online presentation to learn about the system and how it works. That will take approximately thirty minutes. If POS hardware is needed, selection assistance is offered as well. Owners can also opt for full services that consist of on-site setup and training. Additional optional modules are also available for nominal charges each month.

Businesses Served

This advanced system works best for gift and pet shops, liquor, retail, and convenience stores, wineries, and bakeries. Single location businesses planning on expanding can also benefit from customized POS services. Explore the possibilities and discover the benefits of having a POS system added to the business.